“Consent is continuous, mutual & enthusiastic.”

Consent is important to our events because it’s one of many ways we make sure people feel safe to fully utilize the space for whatever they like. 

This can include dressing in a certain way, opening ourselves up to a new experience or generally anything that takes us out of our routine and comfort zone (Which is a great place to be!).

Part of feeling safe is holding boundaries, like ground rules, so that we can ensure every attendee feels safe and in control of their experience, minds, and bodies. We ask all of our attendees to consider these ground rules while attending our events, and considering the experience of other attendees.

Here are the Full Moon Festival’s ground rules:

  • Ask for consent for any and all touch. This can include a hand on a shoulder/back walking through a crowd, being “a hugger”, or physically fighting. People love when you ask “Can I hug you?”
  • Ask for consent to photograph or take video. This can include social media stories or just  Our own policy  is outlined below. 
  • Ask for consent to give someone any drink or substance. This can include fanning someone with essential oils, purchasing someone a drink or pressuring others. You never know someone’s reason for not wanting to partake in any activity.

Full Moon Photo Policy: Part of creating safe space is feeling safe to be witnessed (or not) by others. If you are getting your photo taken at a Full Moon Festival it is because we feel you are representing what Full Moon events are all about.

  • Our photographers will do their best to ask for consent, however sometimes consent is not possible for crowd shots / time sensitive shots. By attending our event you are consenting to be photographed and shared in our galleries.
  • If anyone is trying to take your photo and you do not consent, you do not have to get your photo taken. Simply ask them and if they are our photographer and they will delete the shot on the spot upon request.
  • We will always take any photos down upon request by the individual who is photographed, no questions asked.

COVID-19: An extra section is in order to note that everyone’s personal comfort level has been affected by COVID-19. Here are the levels of distancing people may differ on. Please check in.

  • Hugging (even close friends)
  • Touching
  • Sharing anything you eat, drink or smoke
  • Sitting close by
  • Wearing a mask