“What do I need from my community and what does my community need from me?”

Full Moon Festival strives to be more than just a music festival; we work diligently to create a nexus of art, ideas, community, and awareness. Each event is carefully tailored by and for our immediate community, and is informed by what we believe our community needs in order to grow, and what experiences can make an impact for our attendees, artists and collaborators.

The celestial positioning of the moon, sun, and seasons also guides our intentions, as well as everything the Full Moon Festival creates. We believe that blessed are those who live their lives according to the moon.

The Full Moon Festival employs the following Goals and Objectives to achieve our mission, vision, and create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all attendees:

  • Fulfill our shared needs by creating events for
    • Community connection
    • Artistic and self expression 
    • Emotional processing
    • Celebration, mourning and tradition
  • Cross pollinate local subcultures, communities and art forms
    • Encourage collaboration
    • Welcome new perspectives
  • Encourage radical participation on an individual level
    • Create spaces to try new art forms and activism onsite
    • Create pipelines to connect individuals with communities and organizations
    • Create a list of criteria to be a Full Moon Phx connected and promoted community

Full Moon Festival’s vision is to create a Festival that…

  • Celebrates another successful rotation of the moon
  • Showcases as many Phoenix communities, artists and art forms as possible
  • Shares the value of safe space and consent
  • Teaches artists to co-create spaces that focus on the listener, the vibe and the moment
  • Creates an environment that encourages clarity 
  • Benefits artists by giving them a platform, resources and teaching them
  • Does whatever it can to make people smile, feel loved and become and stay connected