“It feels like home.”

Started as a house party over 5 years ago, the Full Moon Festival has quickly expanded to a full-on block party in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. Taking place bi-monthly at The Pressroom, the celestial celebration brings together all of our favorite Phoenician artists, musicians, builders, creators, activists, innovators and communities to create an unforgettable night under the Moon. Harnessing the seasonal energies of the astral alignments, the Full Moon Festival is built in an entirely unique way from the ground up, featuring cutting-edge art, innovative installations, and top-tier production to give a much-needed platform to the Arizona arts industry.

The Full Moon Festival is made possible by the confluence and collaboration of an incredible Arizona arts community, and a cultivated vibe of good energy, support, openness, and growth. To learn more about Full Moon Festival, we encourage you to check our Our Mission, read more about our Culture of Consent, and learn about the Collective Community that makes it all possible.